With a unique blend of fitness and spirituality, Luke is fast becoming one of the UK’s leading wellbeing influencers. Having amassed over 15 years of experience in various disciplines, such as professional football, mixed martial arts, powerlifting, bodybuilding and strength & conditioning.

In early adulthood I was depressed and de motivated and unsure about where my life was headed. For the past 12 years I have studied the mind and body and I have got myself to where I am today. I am now a very happy, healthy, success driven individual who believes anyone who wants this reality can achieve it.

I did this by studying the mind and body connection. I spent hours reading and listening to audio books on mental health, spirituality and quantum physics. Initially I did this to cure myself from depression and anxiety but I quickly became enthralled and even after I had cured myself I continued to study and extend my knowledge.

The programme I have designed is something that is built on truth and justice. I have left no stone unturned with the information, instructions and layout of this programme and I can GUARANTEE 100% results if followed correctly.

The way I have designed the programme and what I believe makes it different from any other, is that it is a lifetime long programme. You could perform the workouts I have set and still see progress and improvements year after year. You will be constantly challenging your own limits and records and it will completley transform the way you view exercise and nutrition once you give it a chance to take proper effect on your body and mind.

When it comes to the mind, I do not push any type of religion or spirituality on people. I simply offer a way of calming the mind and improving cognitive function.

The techniques I have given to clients, friends and family have worked as well for them, as they have for myself.

I do not think of myself as a guru, yogi, motivator or any other label people like to give. I am simply offering a way of life that has provided me with satisfaction, health and happiness.

I want to thankyou for choosing this programme and I wish you all the best.

Science Behind ShredFast

ShredFast was formulated by Luke Powell who has over 15 years experience. He reached the highest level as a professional athlete before turning his focus and attention towards health and fitness.
What you get from ShredFast Workouts:
  • Burn up to 1200 calories
  • Improve core strength & stability
  • Increase strength and muscular endurance
  • Increase cardio vascular fitness
  • Body detoxification
  • Raise metabolic rate
  • Elevate mood and productivity
  • Mental clarity

Now training in Mixed Martial Arts, Luke is constantly expanding his wealth of knowledge and is always learning new methods that improve both health and well-being.

He has designed and created the ShredFast Programme to help change peoples lives for the better and is extremely confident that anyone who gives 100% commitment to the programme will experience huge changes, both physically and mentally.

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Ladies and gents there is no stone left unturned, everything is covered, cardio,
weight training, diet, nutrition and mindset.