ShredFast Premium (Current Subscribers)


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ShredFast Premium

The ultimate ShredFast experience to help you change your life. Add this to your arsenal alongside your current ShredFast Programme with expert knowledge from our registered nutritionist Sara Walsh.

Meet Sara

Sara Walsh, your ShredFast Nutritionist, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and is also a Registered Nutritionist (AfN). With ShredFast Premium the aim is to ensure everyone’s happiness & longevity whilst enjoying the foods we love, feeling content, and having confidence in our bodies. You will be guided you on your journey to better health and wellness. Through 1:1 support, personalised nutrition plan completely tailored to your goals and any health concerns you may have. You will also recieve support with setting foundations for things such as food, movement and recovery.







This is a one off payment and your current ShredFast Subscription will continue as normal.