ShredFast Workshop


Location: HEAL Wellbeing Centre, Great Crosshall Street, L3 2AP

Date and Time: 03/02/2024 / 13:00 – 17:00

Limited to 10 places

Elevate your fitness journey with ShredFast at our exclusive workshop on Saturday, 3rd February, hosted at HEAL Well-Being centre. Prepare for the ultimate ShredFast Experience as our founder, Luke, guides you through an immersive day, offering not only a chance to sweat it out but also to get to know the whole ShredFast team on a personal level.

Curious about ShredFast and our approach to fitness? Dive into a Q&A session where you can ask anything and everything about the ShredFast methodology, training techniques, and the journey to a healthier lifestyle. Luke is passionate about sharing his knowledge and insights, ensuring you’re equipped with the tools to make massive enhancements about your well-being.

The highlight of the day is, of course, the full ShredFast Workout! Brace yourself for one of the best sessions that combines the power of ShredFast with opportunity to be coached through it by the team. Whether you’re a OG subscriber or a newcomer, our workshop is tailored to accommodate all levels, ensuring everyone leaves feeling energised and inspired.

What you can expect from the workshop:

  • Coffee & Refreshment Ice Breaker
  • ShredFast Workout / Coaching Session
  • Sauna / Ice Bath / Shower
  • Food & Protein Shake
  • 1 Hour Q&A
  • ShredFast Methodology breakdown
  • Free ShredFast merchandise
  • Free weekend pass to HEAL (Friday / Saturday / Sunday)

We believe in providing an unparalleled learning experience, and to achieve this, we are offering a limited number of spots for the upcoming ShredFast Workshop. This exclusive event is designed to ensure that each attendee receives the highest quality of education and walks away with maximum value.