Ultimate Beginner Course

ultimate beginners course

Welcome to your Ultimate Beginner ShredFast Course. After completing the 2 tutorial and 6 workout sessions below, you will be fully equipped and ready to begin Intermediate Level. It’s essential that you watch both tutorial videos and perform all 6 workouts as recommended.

3 workouts per week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That will mean it takes you 2 weeks to finish the course. Tuesday and Thursday should be your “Zone 2 Cardio” days. This is keeping your heart rate between 120-140bpm using any cardio equipment you like, or simply walking or running. The duration should be a minimum of 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The reason we have designed it this way is to encourage you to take that step to the next level and not find yourself becoming comfortable on the beginner sessions. The only way to progress to improve.

Let’s Get It!